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Поделитесь идеальными образцами ответов на IELTS Writing

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Writing practice
General Module

Writing task 1a

You should spend about 20 minutes on this task.

You are unhappy about a plan widen the road in front of your house because you will loose three meters (3m) of your land.

Write a letter to your local government office.
•Describe the situation.
•Describe why you are unhappy.
•The situation that will arise as a result of having less land.

Write at least 150 words

You do not need to write any addresses.

Begin your letter as follows:


Dear Sir,
My name is ______ and I live on Freedom Street in East Los Santos. Two days ago I learned from a newspaper article that the city council plans to extend the width of Freedom Street which will involve the moving back of the boundaries of the properties along the street by three metres. I must say that when I learned about the plan I was quite upset and not just because I stand to lose a sizable portion of my land but also because neither any of my neighbours nor I were ever consulted by the city council before they put forward their street widening initiative.
I personally will be put at a considerable disadvantage if the size of my property is reduced. First of all, because it is already fairly small, the further reduction in size will leave no room for my garage, which is currently situated in front of the house with its gate almost directly on the current boundary of the lot. The person I talked to at the city planning committee yesterday informed me that the garage would simply have to be demolished. I was absolutely appalled to hear that as essentially it would mean I would have to keep my car in a paid parking lot, which would result for me in additional monthly expenses of several hundred dollars. And of course, a smaller lot and lack of a garage would reduce the market value of my property if I ever wanted to sell it; the real estate agent I consulted with this morning estimated that the price of my house may fall by as much as 40%.
My earnest hope is that before taking a final decision about whether or not the plan to broaden Freedom Street should be implemented, the city council will once again consider all of its ramifications for the residents of Freedom Street as well as the actions that we will be forced to take as a result.
Yours faithfully

Writing task 2а

You should spend about 40 minutes on this task.
Present a written argument to an educated reader with no specialist knowledge of the following topic:

More and more people are keeping pets. This often leads to environment problems in large cities. Should domestic pets be excluded from our city centres? Discuss.

You should write at least 250 words
Use your own knowledge and experience and support your arguments with examples and relevant evidence.

As more and more urban dwellers acquire domestic animals there is growing concern that the increasing numbers of mostly cats and dogs may actually disrupt the environment of major urban areas and therefore pets ought to be banned from downtown districts of large metropolitan areas. This essay will attempt to answer the question whether there is any real substance to these fears.
First of all it has to be said at the very beginning that if a domestic animal is properly fed, cared for, looked after and regularly examined by a veterinarian its environmental impact is minimal. Problems can only arise if pet owners either neglect their animals or get rid of them by simply leaving them on the street. Stray cats and dogs can present certain problems as they can carry diseases which can be contracted by people, such as rabies, and there have been recorded instances in some major cities, notably in Moscow, of packs of stray dogs attacking people. Yet, if a dog is being walked by its owner and is properly leashed and muzzled, its threat to other people is essentially non existent. And as far as cats are concerned, to the best of my knowledge, their attacks on people are practically unheard of.
Now, on the plus side, it has to be remembered that people keep pets for a reason; they help them relieve stress; taking a dog out for a walk or stroking a cat while relaxing in front of the TV can work wonders in terms of helping people calm down after a hectic day at work. This means that cities with a large proportion of pet owners are bound to have a calmer, more relaxed and often friendlier atmosphere. In addition to that, cats also offer the added benefit of keeping down the numbers of pestilent rodents such as mice and rats while at the same time keeping an extremely low profile, even burying their own solid waste. It may actually be the case that the problem of rat populations getting out of control that is faced by some major cities is at least in part caused by those cities not having sufficient numbers of cats prowling their streets and alleys at night.
To sum it up, I do not think that domestic animals pose any serious threats to urban environments, if anything, some of them, such as cats, actually solve more problems than they cause. And as far as stray animals in cities are concerned, in my opinion the solution to this problem should focus on pet owners rather than on pets; they should be encouraged to only take in animals if they are serious about keeping them and if they want to get rid of their pet, they ought to either leave it at a special shelter or have it put to sleep instead of simply leaving it on the street.

Grade: 9

Dear ______,
If you can reproduce this quality of works under exam conditions, you will do very well indeed.

Yours faithfully,
Derek Sanders